06 June 2006

There IS Knitting!

Here's some of it -
My Briar Rose socks, named for the fact that they remind me of the color-splattered dress in the fairies' magical fight scene in Disney's Sleeping Beauty, which I can't find a picture of online, for some reason.

Yarn: Katia Mississippi, a cotton blend
Needles: Metal US3 dpns
Pattern: 3x1 rib, slip stitch patterned heel flap
I haven't decided whether or not to keep these for myself, as they're a little bit short in the foot (yeah, I know, that could have been easily avoided, but I just wanted to get on to the toes already!).

Completed a while ago, but just now getting around to its photo shoot: the One Skein Wonder.
Thank you to my bathroom mirror for being a good sport. This is going to be the perfect little shoulder-warmer for summer around here.

Latest project, rows of which are being used as a reward for finished paragraphs of my papers. These are actually a really light pink, and I'm using this free pattern (but I'll skip the thumb gussets); I'm making them for a Div. School friend and enjoying the process so far. I haven't done cables in quite a while.

There is also an amazingly wonderful, fantastic, and even phenomenal package from my Secret Pal, but I was at work and studying in the library today during prime sun-time, so I didn't get any good photos. Hopefully tomorrow...

For now, I'll leave you with a portion of a colored-pencil sketch I made last week, inspired by an angry face I drew in my class notes. I'm not grumpy anymore, but this little guy cracks me up.


AmyArtisan said...

The socks look great - love the Disney comparison for them! :)

Lolly said...

Very cute OSW too! and the little grunp face made me laugh as well! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you like your package.

Emily said...

I love the socks--how cute! And the grumpy face...love it!

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