31 May 2006

Whaddya Mean "Local"?

It's the end of May, the end of Green Month, which means tomorrow will be all about blue projects, blogging, pictures, and (hopefully) skies.

Today - a meme. From Terby Knits, all about my favorite LYS.
To qualify, I've only been to one yarn shop here in Chicago, and my feelings were pretty mixed, so I'm going to write about my favorite yarn shops around Tacoma, WA. It was my L for LYSes for 4 years, and it will be "local" again soon, when I take a roadtrip up through OR and WA this summer (just 4 more weeks... school is almost over and then I get to see my family and my boyfriend and old friends! My mind is seriously living in the future instead of working on the final paper that just got assigned today. Is it summer yet?). I will definitely be making a stop for yarn, even though I'll only be in Tacoma for a few days.

1)What's your favorite LYS?: Lamb's Ear Farm yarn and fiber
2)What about it do you like most?: Consistent selection. Every time I visited there was something great in the sale bin, and I don't think I ever bought sock yarn at full price. The variety was always just enough so that I felt like I had options but was never overwhelmed. They also only stocked basic, classic wool yarns, which is just what I like to use. Lots of Cascade, Regia, Koigu, Noro, Debbie Bliss, and Manos. The ladies working there were always helpful and friendly, and they were always working on really neat projects themselves.
3)What is your 2nd favorite?: My housemate Michelle took us girls to Canvas Works down in her hometown, Olympia. Holy yarn, Batman, if I'd lived closer, I would never have been able to hold onto any of my money, because this place was like a candy store. The woman behind the counter was incredibly helpful, they had a wide selection of patterns and pattern books, and I got the impression if I'd stayed there the whole day just petting all the yarn it would have been just fine.
4)What would you improve [about it] to make it a tie with your first?: I would have improved my owning a car and my proximity to Olympia :)
5)What's the last thing you bought at your #1 LYS? A random assortment of sock yarn, of course!
6)Who's Next?: Anyone who wants it. Especially if you're around the Chicago area, because I need to hear about the places you love that I should visit!


jen said...

i agree with you about the LYS's in chicago. i generally only frequent the one in northwest indiana Sheeps Clothing. they are really good. they have a broad spectrum for ANY and i mean any budget.

i've been to loopy yarns in the south loop. they were ok but didn't carry Noro. They had probably the most decent sock yarn collection you will find in the city.
knitter's niche (off the brown line at southport) is ok. run by mariann. she's a crazy little old lady who knits AMAZING lace. her yarn selection is smaller, but she has good stuff. not a good selection of needles.
knitting workshop (red line at diversey walk all the way down past children's hospital) is well in lincoln park snootyville. they carry alot of high end yarns. their shop is large and open tho. the owner is always cranky. i said any solid sock yarn last weekend and she looked at me blankly. she said no. so they are not a good place for sock yarns.
arcadia over up past lincoln square off lawrence (not sure the el stop since i drive it's close to my boyfriend's apt) they are a larger store...altho they have everything separated by color. ANNOYING. also they never carry much "sock" yarn but you can find dale's baby ull and stuff. i really don't like yarn shopping in chicago on a whole. you'd think for a metro city it'd be good...it's not. sorry for the long post.

Wesley said...


When will you be in Tacoma? I'm probably going to be out that way sometime this summer. Probably going to be staying with Shane, and I wanted to plan my trip when the most people will be in the area. Just let me know when you can, please. biomata@yahoo.com

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