30 May 2006

(Chocolate) Haze

Hello again :)
It's been so hot here the last few days! Half of me LOVES it, and the other half can't really figure out what to think, since the humidity makes me feel like my brain is melting, and the chunks of pollen (!) floating in the air are giving me the worst allergies I've had in a long time. So I've titled this post Haze, because that's what I've been walking around in...

It was a beautiful three day weekend, made even better by the amazing package I received from my Secret Pal last week. Guilt-free Chocolate was the theme, and here are some shots of the goodies.
New sock needles, my first ever set of bamboos, with a really great sock bag (the Madonna, knitting a sweater! J'adore) and cocoa-colored yarn. I've started a pair of embossed leaves socks from a back issue of IK. :)

Chocolate scented wonderfulness, from candles (the sundae one has already gotten a great deal of use, and the melting wax looks like dripping fudge topping. yummm) to soap and lotion. I love it!
I also got stitch markers and earrings, and a plushie donut pal. Thank you so much, SP.

Project Spectrum Update I've actually been crafting in the color scheme this month, surprisingly enough.

A green and blue cotton dishcloth for your enjoyment. And also for washing my dishes:
A beautiful picture of sludge pond (check out my November archives; this thing was disgusting) Not looking so sludgy anymore!

More updates soon. I'm off for another pinball extravaganza tonight :)


AmyArtisan said...

The chocolate themed picture looks so fun! The dishcloth is looking great - I love that colorway, it was one of the colors on my 1st Mason-Dixon dishcloth. :)

Anonymous said...

Great dishcloth...so pretty!
I'm so glad you like your package. Next one I hope to mail tomorrow since today didn't work out.

Emily said...

Hey...that sludge pond is now pretty! I love the dishcloth too, especially the colors (my favorites...I love blue and green).
Chocolate=yummmmm. You've got a great SP!

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