01 April 2006

April Showers. Or Lack Thereof.

As in, I did not take a shower when I woke up this morning (EW). Combination of laziness and lots of stuff to get done today that I felt I needed to start right away... like buying shampoo. Can't take a shower without shampoo. Also, on a less-TMI-style note, it's not raining! We've actually been having really and truly warm weather for the last few days, and I'm definitely enjoying it.

To close out my Project Spectrum March participation, here is the finished pair of pink stripey ankle socks. They'll be lots of fun to wear!

I also got the yarn for my Sockapaloooza pal, and I decided to make up a pattern so her socks will be unique. Here's a progress shot (shh... I don't think she knows who I am, so it's okay to show pictures)

what do you think of the colors? They're more accurate in the picture below (ahh, I really need to stop taking pictures at night!). Spring-y, no?

One more question for all y'all who wear socks :) Since this eyelet pattern makes for a slightly bumpy fabric, do you think I should continue it on the top of the foot or make it a "leg-only" motif? Do you mind having textured socks? Do you even notice? Feel free to vote in the comments!

Back to knitting for me... now that all the chores are finished, I can have a lazy Saturday night. Happy Crafting, all!

PS. to PegLeg Peg - Arr, not to worry, matey! Pirates aren't afraid of delay, only of scurvy. Plus also sea monsters...


Emily said...

My vote is, if the pattern is fun, keep on going. I don't mind bumpiness on the foot, but, then, that's me. I love your pattern and yarn, what yarn is it?
Your ankle socks are so cute. I just finished a PS sock last night. Fortunately there is yellow and orange in the colorway so it still counts for this month!

Terby said...

I love the color of your sock pal socks. I have mixed feelings about texture going down the foot - it's fun to knit if you have a good pattern going, but they do add some bulk. I don't wear my textured socks with shoes, because I worry about wearing them out. They aren't any less comfortable than the stockingette ones, and I think my concerns might be totally irrational.

may said...

cute cute cute!

i'm determined to figure out this sock business :/ I will...eventually ;)

I don't plan to wear my knit socks out...they were going to be house-socks...so i would vote for keeping the stitch going!

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