21 March 2006


Life is completely sockalicious right now. As in I've been wearing all of my handknit socks over the last few days because I was out of regular clean socks :) It's been really great and comfortable at least for wandering around the house, even though they're not the best for walking long distances in tennis shoes since they're such soft wool (the reason I don't usually wear them). I've gotten so many compliments, and a few tentative requests for me to knit socks for others! I'm looking forward to it, and I'm planning to let them pick out their own yarn.
I'm also knitting socks, as usual. I have two socks to show you! But they don't match... I think this last week in knitting has been modelled on my paper writing techniques. Or habits. I'm not sure they are really effective enough to be called techniques. Anyway, I work on a little bit of one and then jump over to another one so that I don't get bored.
In similar fashion, I started the pink ankle sock after finishing only one embossed leaves sock, and now I'm back to the second embossed leaves... but here are some pictures of the first sock in each pair.

I love both the toe and the heel on this sock, and I'm really pleased with the height on my leg. It's perfect! I think I'll use this pattern for my sockapaloooza pal as soon as I pick yarn (I know, I'm slow...). It seems like something she would like, too.
This one is just fun. Because I love pink.


Alright. That's all for me today. Happy Tuesday, all.


candsmom said...

Both your socks turned out beautifully! I especially love the Embossed Leaves sock- it looks fantastic in that color! Your pink anklet is so cute, too and perfect for everyday wear. Best wishes with the end of the semester crunch and take care, Allison! :-)

Emily said...

cute socks! i'm procrastinating on my sock pal, too. i've got my yarn, but i'm not sure about the pattern.

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