17 March 2006

Are you wearing green?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Unfortunately I don't have pictures of green things to show you... I finished the Embossed Leaves sock, and it fits wonderfully, but my camera is out of batteries so here is a picture from the day before I finished it.

I have started a pink (PROJECT SPECTRUM!) toe up sock with a half skein left over from my Jaywalkers, and I'm planning to turn it into my first pair of ankle socks! This has been a great project for me to cart around to the library this week.

The exam on Tuesday went really well! I felt prepared for all the surprise questions, and I wrote a ton about each of the ones we'd been semi-informed about ahead of time. Since then I've been (you guessed it) in the library working on papers every afternoon and evening. One paper down and 1 and a half to go! Finals week is officially over today, but I have some more work to do for a class that met this week and has things due at the end of break.

And that's all for me today! Don't forget to wear green :)


Little bags (rows 1-3) here

A bunch of this art (scroll down!)

The combination of serious and funny sketches


Emily said...

Cute socks (both pairs!) and I love those sketches. How did you find them?

Lolly said...

Both socks are working up so well!! Great news about all of the school work - I wish you the best with the rest of it, A ;)

Hope you have had a nice weekend!

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