15 February 2006


Er, Soooo wwwwhat's up? As it was actually pronounced by the really really drunk girl at the pub last night. My department hosted a Valentine's Day get together at the on-campus pub, and since my boyfriend happens to be 2000 miles away, I figured free beer and fried food was an okay alternative. Plus my very bestest friends were all there, so it was a fun time.
But the really really drunk girl! I have never actually heard anyone slur their words when drunk. She certainly did. She also asked me 3 (yes 3) times what I was studying. She then proceeded to pick up a glass of soda, take a sip, and energetically wipe off her tongue (think cute little Tom Hanks trying caviar in "Big") because "ew! not mine. not beer. ew"
After that she fell asleep in her chair, but woke up every few minutes to smile around leeringly at all of us. Strangely, it put me in mind of some revivified wax figure and all the horror movie possibilities related to a wax museum come to life on a college campus. Anyway.

Swwwatchup here recently?
It's my yarn that I made with koolaid, and I finally got a chance to do a little test swatch. I'm planning on making a hat, and I'll (hopefully) show pictures next week sometime. I think the colors look pretty good together, even though they're not ones I would typically combine.

The other skein of yarn I dyed? Well, it looks like this:

Because I foolishly untied the skein before I put it in the big 'ol pot to swirl around with the koolaid. Oops. Hopefully I'll get it untangled eventually.

More Olympic progress tomorrow!

1 comment:

emily said...

ooh, i like that veriegated. you're right, they're not colors i would have combined, either, but they're actually very pretty together. isn't it funny how koolaid can do that.

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