31 January 2006

Working Out

Hey -
So about that accountability thing with the working out... I've been lazy about going to the gym, but I'm trying to drink more water and I've certainly been walking around campus a ton. Here's my progress since the last time I posted the ticker. I was seriously shocked when I weighed myself at the gym today! I'm almost there!

Other than that, my knitting has really slowed down this week. I snuck in a wristband with Opal sock yarn scraps from a yarn trade earlier this year, but I'm planning to get more knitting done tomorrow evening on my flight home, and I'll post with pictures when I get back Sunday night.

Anyone for a KAL update?

My (until now secret) project for the Knitting Olympics will be Hello Yarn's Pirate Mittens! I think they are wonderful in so many ways, and they'll be a great challenge for me since I have pretty much zero experience with fair isle.
I'll be working with KnitPicks Palette yarn in these colors (or some combination, since I'm not sure yet how to alter a two-color pattern chart to best show off four colors).

Top to bottom: petal, bark, blush, and white.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the week and that you all have a restful, knit-filled weekend!


Amy said...

Hello from another knitter in Chicago! What beautiful yarns for your Knitting Olympics entry! So sorry to hear about your grandfather - your blog tribute was lovely - your family is in my prayers.

I see that Lolly has highlighted that both of us will be doing some non-knitting Project Spectrum ideas - paper crafts & scrapbooking. :)

katie said...

It's fun to see some sock swap yarn get used! Mine is still sitting in the stash. :( And those mittens look like fun!

Whit said...

Hey, I'd love it if you'd come join my Olympic Team - Team DPN!!



Emily said...

For the mittens - you could try one color being the background, and with every full repeat (I mean, not just one skull, but hte whole round of them) use a different color.
Just a suggestion ;)

Legalfrugalbabe said...

Quick - Olympics unrelated - question for you. Scrolling through your entries, I noticed you used Knitpicks' Wool of the Andes for some of your projects. It's so inexpensive, I was wondering if there was anything wrong with it. Do you have any complaints? Thanks so much!

I just discovered your blog today; I'm so sorry to hear about your grandfather. It sounds like he was a wonderful man. Hang in there.

Anastacia said...

Hey, I recongize that yarn!

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