30 January 2006

Knitting in circles

Thank you to everyone for your incredibly sweet and thoughtful comments. Reading them all has given me a lot of comfort and has made this sort of in-between time, waiting to go home and see my family, much much easier. You are all wonderful, and I'm so grateful to know you because of knitting and this blog!

I have some knitting content today - first:
Jaywalker #1! For Cara's Jaywalker KAL
Some progress and the finished sock.

(Hmm... anyone else think I should be repainting my toenails soon? Oops!)
While I had some trouble picking up one side of the heel stitches (this is my first heel flap, so be kind!), overall this construction rocks. Slipping stitches is really fun :)
I find that it makes for a much looser ankle area than a short row heel, so I wouldn't knit this kind of heel for anyone else in my family, as they are all picky about having their socks fit really tightly. Weirdos.
I don't weave in ends until the whole project is done, so I'm waiting for sock #2. I think it's actually because I'm lazy, but I'm going to pretend I just can't call one sock an FO!

#2 is already on the needles and just past the ribbing. I can't wait to have a pair of these!
Some preliminary details - I'm knitting the smaller size sock on bigger needles, I think they're US3, in KnitPicks Sock Garden, the Star Gazer Lily colorway. I haven't run into any problems with lack of stretchiness or a too-tight ankle.

And second:
Last night I was working on a lovely piece in cream-colored cotton. It was basically a sort of c-curve, knit with short rows, that was supposed to end up getting pulled together into a flat circle. It also had some very large eyelets that would have looked as though they were spiraling out from the center.
Why am I using the past tense? And why don't I have any pictures to show you?
Not because I frogged it. The knitting was actually going really well.
But because...


Yes, people, I've officially had my first dream about knitting. And I was really really disappointed when I woke up and didn't have the project anymore!

Anyone else have knitting dreams to share?

Also, can anyone help me figure out how to put buttons in my sidebar and actually have them link to things? I'd like to put up links to the KALs I'm in! Thanks, guys...


candsmom said...

Your Jaywalker is BEAUTIFUL!! I love, love the colorway! I'm going to have to look into getting that Stargazer Lily now. ;-) So pretty! And aren't knitting dreams the best??! Once, I had a dream that I knit a knee-high sock. I was so disappointed when I woke up and realized that no actual knitting had been done. Oh well, more incentive to do a pair in real-life. ;-) As for the KAL buttons, with Blogger, you save them to a post(but don't actually publish it) and click on "edit HTML" and copy the http://... info for the button to your template. You change the beginning http info to the website that's hosting the KAL and keep the img src info for the button pic. I'm not sure if that makes any sense, but I hope that helps! Take care, Allison! :-)

Emily said...

I also love your jaywalker! Love love love it!

Acutally, I just wrote a small tutorial on how to post buttons...and I finished it right before I read your post. How strange. You can see it here -- http://home.comcast.net/~aqua-star/buttons.html -- hope it helps!

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