24 January 2006

For Hume the Bell Tolls

Yeah, I know. It's a lame joke (shhh).
We're reading Hume in our constructive studies class this week, and it's pretty fun questioning the entire basis of empirical knowledge in one 1.5 hour long lecture. But I have much more important things on my mind. Mostly knitting!

Second pair of blue fingerless mitts, this time with no thumb gusset, since my seester wasn't sure her friend would want thumbs included. Now she has choices.

Second hat - this time in beautiful beautiful red, knit on smaller needles than the green to offer another size without altering the stitch count of my basic pattern.

By the way, all the yarn I'm using is from my latest KnitPicks order - wool of the Andes in Rain (blue), Fog (grey), Hollyberry (red), and Avocado (best green ever). Everything has taken less than one skein, even the hats. That makes me happy.

Because I'm such a joiner, I flocked to join the KAL linked to the cuteness of this button:

How could I resist the monkeys? No one could. I'm all joined up and ready to make some socks for someone else, most likely someone with smaller feet than me, which will be a nice change :). If you want to knit socks, too, you have until 11:59 EST tonight to sign up over at the Blue Blog. Go, go, go!

Not only did I cast on for the ubiquitous Clapotis last week, but I also gave in to the call of the Jaywalker Sock Craze. That's right, the sock you see in the first photo is my very own Jaywalker! Can't wait to really get going on this project.
I also have valentines on the mind... I'm planning to make a bunch of cards or little knitted goodies, but I'll have to share ideas later in the week. Happy knitting, all!


Lolly said...

Sounds like you are quite inspired lately - all of the lovely knits, and the planned Valentine's! I hope you share your card creations with us!

Love the blue mitt ;)

marti said...

cool knitting. i am knitting my first knit picks yarn and i have to say that it is lovely. did that package ever show up?

jen said...

another lovely hat! man how many hats have you made lately!

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