24 October 2005

Sock Scrap Swap!

Wow, try saying that ten times fast - yikes!

Anastacia sent me what is basically the motherload of cool sock yarn, and now I am both completely jealous of the neato socks she must have and really excited that I get to make one or two pairs of socks that will look as neat as all hers combined (hahaha)!
We have beautiful blues

KnitPicks fruit-ish colors that I think I'll use first because the orange reminds me of Halloween

And Opal, which I have never used and am really looking forward to trying!

Thanks so much, Anastacia, and thanks to Katie for organizing the swap :)


candsmom said...

Man, that is awesome!!! I'm so envious of your new sock yarn stash! I've never tried Opal, either. Let us know how it knits up so we can live vicariously. :-) The Knit Picks is fantastic, too. How fun!!

Anastacia said...

I LOVE Opal!! LOL Thanks for sharing the pics, even though it was mine yarn originally hahahah.....

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