03 May 2005


Well, first the boring news, which is that slowly but surely various items are being crossed off my list of assignments! Just 3 drafts to revise tonight and then I can take a break for a day - the last day of classes :)
The exciting news is that I have my back-tack buddies! I'm excited to pick out some cute fabric and buttons to send along to the next person, and I'll try to make sure I get some pictures up here while everything is in progress.

I promise there will be some actual knitting starting this Friday, so check back for updates soon!

1 comment:

crafty lurker said...

Hi Allison,

Just one of your backtack buddies dropping by to say hello. If you ever want to contact me you can email me at craftylurkeratgmaildotcom.

Good luck with all your assignments.

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