28 April 2005

Reminder List

This is just for my own benefit so that I can have a handy place to see a full list of all the garbage I have to get done in the next week (only a week of classes left!).

Rel 354 - 15-20pg Paper due 5/4
Rel 201 - 8-10pg Paper due 5/4
Engl496 - 5-6pg Blake paper due 4/28
- 5-6pg Metaphysicals paper due 4/28
- 10-15pg Eliot paper due by 5/15
Clsc304 - 5-6pg Paper due 5/4
Grk 301 - 50 line translation/commentary due 5/6

Okay! I'm off to keep working on all of this... Hope I'll survive till 5/5 :)

1 comment:

Wesley said...

You can do it! Only three days of class! Then we can PARTY!!! WOO HOO!!

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