18 April 2005

Sunday night is Homework night

Hello! Finally gave the dreaded thesis presentation on Friday afternoon. It went really well, and everyone told me they enjoyed it :) Hooray for being finished with that!
I spent all of yesterday at Luau practice, and today I've been working and doing homework. I also had a stressful couple of hours when I lost my housekey. They charge you $75 to get a replacement - ridiculous! So it was absolutely wonderful when my next door neighbor found it in the street. I guess it came off of my keychain when I was getting in the car or walking up to the house before discovering it was missing. Phew.
In knitting news, I've started a scarf in a nice dark plum/purpley color. Just garter stitch, but it's something mindless I could do in the dark the other night when Dad and I went to see Ocean's 12 at campus films. I didn't think it was quite as good as the first one, but I still really enjoyed it! Today I also got to watch Hero. It was such a beautiful movie, and I would love to watch it again when I'm not worrying the whole time about how much homework I have to do right when it's over. Lauren's sweater is just missing 8 rows of ribbed cuff, so I should get that done before next Friday when they all come up for the Luau weekend.
Things seem to be progressing nicely - now if I can only finish three 20 page papers before the end of the semester, I'll be all set! Urg :)

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