13 April 2005

Oh, the middle of the week...

...yeah, pretty much I just hate it :)
The sleeve to Lauren's sweater is halfway finished, only about 5 more inches to go, and this sweater will be completely done! I gave the pattern to my friend Nick yesterday, and he thought it was the best thing ever, since all he's ever knit before are scarves, but the top-down seems easy enough to start on (hooray! drawing more people over to the knitting side).

I have a mini-rant, so if you don't want to read it, go ahead and skip over to start checking out my new links. I'm so proud of myself for figuring out how to code anything at all, let alone lines that go somewhere else when you click on them. Anyway, here goes:

Ever since the Pope died, every time I've talked to other Catholic students, be they close friends or new acquaintances, they say that they've felt unsafe or extremely uncomfortable talking about being Catholic on campus. Apparently, teachers make derogatory remarks IN CLASS and other students have been incredibly rude to them or around them (including one student who came into class Monday and said "sorry I'm late, I was just so upset this weekend over the Pope" and started laughing!) How disturbing is that? Especially since the rest of the class and the professor joined in. Disgusting that at a liberal school people have trouble being tolerant about other religions. In any case, it's interesting to me that all of this is coming out now, and I'm going to talk to one of my professors today about some options for dealing with it, either through a forum for Catholic kids to express their feelings, or in some kind of open-to-campus memorial/discussion about the Pope, at which some of the greatest detractors might get to hear what supporters say and find out how much their comments have been hurting Catholic students. Who knows? Suggestions are welcome.

And back to the knitting :)

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