23 March 2005


So... the final word from all colleges is back, and it looks like I'm going to U. Chicago Divinity School! We'll see what happens with the Mellon and if there's anyway I can manage to get them to knock a little bit more off of my tuition costs :) I'm also making quite a bit of progress on my thesis tonight (this post is a mini break from the massive amounts of writing and revising going on in preparation for Friday's big hand-off of the penultimate draft to official readers). I'm trying to figure out when to schedule my presentation - I'm thinking April 15th, since 3 weeks should be enough time for me to get a talk together and make a dinky powerpoint for it.
Knitting progress is slightly less visible. I've done a couple of inches on the Lauren sweater, and I'm almost through the second ball of yarn. I might have to take my sorry little bank account down to Michael's to pick up a few more to finish this thing (dangit).
Other than that, just another busy week filled with massive amounts of homework and far too little free time. Hooray for multi-tasking!

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