05 May 2013

Adventures in frugality: the hair edition

Let me preface this by saying that being a grad student requires finding creative solutions for almost everything in life that is fun and costs money so that one can save up enough to actually pay rent every month. Sometimes I pretend that I have the dad from Calvin and Hobbes in the back of my head chanting his refrain about "building character," and it makes me feel better about getting by on an amount that isn't really enough.  I haven't been to the hair salon in about 9 months, and the lovely haircut I got last summer is growing out very nicely, but sometimes I really wish I could afford to go get a fancy haircut again. Since that's not in the budget right now, last night I resorted to another solution.

First, I saw this picture of Emma Stone's hair style on Pinterest:

Then, I thought, "Man! I miss having bangs!"
So I grabbed the scissors at 11pm, and this morning I look like this:

You know, not really like Emma Stone, but since I cut those bangs myself in 3 minutes, I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out, especially since I did not accidentally make myself look like Alfalfa or something!

That's the end of my Saturday adventure story. The brown and orange striped socks have been revived for want of another portable project, so you should see the complete pair shortly...


lauren said...

NICE!! I love the bangs on you!

Lesley Myrick said...

Cute! I am totally an advocate for self-haircuts. xo

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