09 April 2013

Cat on a bookshelf

Just because my life for the rest of the week is going to involve allschoolallthetime doesn't mean we can't enjoy this lovely photo of Gus the old man cat perched atop my 6 foot high office bookshelf.

For a cat who usually hangs out flat on the floor, this is pretty impressive. Also, you can see Knitted Totoro's belly on the right side of the shot, but he always lives on the bookshelf, so that's not big news.


Julie said...

haha, love that photo! Cats, they are so awesome.

Fran said...

Mr. Gus!!! He is so wonderful. I have a cat crush on him. Give him a cuddle for me.

Lesley Myrick said...

Haha, what a cute photo! Cats are so cool. I wish I could jump that high and hang out on top of a bookshelf. :)

PS. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, and for your sweet comment. xo

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