18 January 2012

[29 before 29] Red Kale, Dutch style

It's not particularly glamorous, but it sure is delicious! Meet my spin on a traditional Dutch winter meal (vouched for repeatedly by my Dutch friend, who was totally right about its filling, warming qualities), using new-to-me veggie #2, red kale.

4 stalks or so of red kale
6-8 baby potatoes, red or yellow, your preference
1 cup or so of baby carrots
1/4 milk
1 tbsp butter or margarine
salt and pepper to taste

Boil some water and add chopped potatoes and carrots.  Chop the kale and set it aside for a few minutes while the other veggies boil away.

When the carrots and potatoes are nearly fork-soft, add the kale to the pot to wilt for about 1 minute.

 Drain all the veggies and do a rough mash with butter and milk, then add salt and pepper.

Enjoy your simple, hearty meal or side!  This probably makes enough to serve 4 people, but I ate it in two sittings because I treated it as a main dish.

Comments on kale -
This green is a little bit bitter for my taste, so in future I'll probably try to disguise that a bit by preparing it with some kind of sweet sauce or dressing.  Nonetheless, it was great in this dish to balance the heaviness of the potatoes.


Mags said...

Do you eat meat? I just spent 15 minutes trying to figure out whether or not you did, and I can't find it, but anyway. The Dutch usually balance out the bitterness of kale by adding something salty, usually pancetta or bacon. I'm glad you didn't hate it though, and would be willing to try it again. Kale is great :D

Allison said...

Ha ha, I love that my blog contains a food-related mystery! I eat plenty of fish and some chicken and turkey, but I generally avoid red meat, and I hardly ever have pork. I'm not vegetarian, I'm just a poor grad student, and I spend meat money on yarn :)
I could totally spring for some bacon for my next kale experiment, though!

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