04 November 2011

Friday: Link Love!

Hello, friends! I'm so glad this week is over - it has been incredibly long and exhausting, full of way too many projects and deadlines.  But there is one project I took on last night, well into the wee hours, that was completely fun and promises to be really rewarding.  Here's the story: there is a very sweet man who is defending his dissertation today, and for the past few years, he has been a daily source of cheer and friendship in the library.  He always has a joke or a kind word to say to me, and he often comments on my knitting. Sometimes, in fact pretty frequently, these comments take the form of a request for his own sweater or technicolor dream coat (y'know, like Joseph's coat of many colors).  I consistently joke back that I'm working on it, and last night I finally did work on it.


It is about 4 inches tall, made on a set of three US2 dpns using sock yarn leftovers (I am pretty sure this is some Regia, but I have no idea what the colorway is called. It might be one of the Kaffe Fassett ones?), and it definitely fits the requirement of being many colors!!

In keeping with this project, here are a some links to a few other mini things I've been enjoying this week:

*** Mini snowman. Oh yes.

*** Slightly more seasonally appropriate, autumnal mini treat flags


*** For those who like mini things at night, mini star cutouts in a bathroom window shade


*** And if you're feeling thankful, why not make a mini thanksgiving tree? I think I need to start one of these - put branches in a jar, then tie on paper leaves with things you're thankful for written on them. Great idea!  Ashley Ann is working on one over here.

Any fun links you've found this week? Feel free to share them in the comments :)

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