29 October 2011

10 Things, vol 32

10 Things is my weekly list of things that are making me smile right now. Please share your own grin-inducing items and events in the comments!


1. N is in town for a visit. We've been having the best time catching up and practicing our karaoke moves.
2. Sushi lunch yesterday (thus the picture above; that's not actually my delicious lunch,
but it looks pretty good, too)
3. Hilarious phone calls
4. Knit night tonight!
5. The giant stack of Fall fashion magazines at the hair salon yesterday
6. A new pair of socks on the needles
7. Taking goofy self-portraits
8. New friends
9. Good conversations with new friends
10. And I've still got a whole day today to get myself organized for the craziness of the coming week. Yes!

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