18 September 2011

A little DIY toilette

The first room I tackled for a major makeover was the bathroom. I'm a stickler for spotless, sparkling bathrooms with lots of room for a morning routine, and some bright colors to help me wake up.  Once again, Pinterest came to the rescue with great ideas for bathroom decor and homemade beauty products.

This was and still is my overall inspiration:

Love, love, love the mix of lime green and red/pink with all the clean white, and the plants are a wonderful touch.  It's a little bit rustic and a little bit girly with a whole lot of clear space.  My own space is beginning to take shape, and I think I need a few more touches of pink before I'm ready to call it good.  Pictures when it's all set!

I also completed a couple of small projects.  First and most basic DIY of beauty products: I put my shampoo, conditioner, and body wash (all from Aveeno, because they smell so dang good and make my hair and skin look great) in glass bottles, like this photo suggested.

The result? Pretty, uniform containers that are going to be really easy to keep clean and to refill.  And as a bonus, I got to drink the tasty beverages in the containers to make room for the bath products.  These last few days have involved a whole lot of caffeine. Yes.

Next I took a stab at making my own surf spray for this haircut that needs a little bit of extra oomph as it grows out.  If the ends are all going to flip around and look shaggy, I need something to make it look like it's happening on purpose, but I didn't want to spend $10-$15 on an expensive spray when Pinterest informed me I could make it myself.

Following the instructions by the clever people at Huzzah Vintage (link above), I combined Epsom salt, hair gel, and plenty water in a spray bottle.  Next time I'll try to find a spray bottle that does an actual fragmented spray instead of a single jet stream, but live and learn, right? The stuff works, and my haircut is looking good!!

I've just put up the art wall in my office/studio, and the curtains are going up later today in all the main rooms, so after a bit of straightening up, I should be able to take pictures of the rest of the rooms to share with you. Decorating my new home is turning out to be a ton of fun.

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