08 September 2011

FO: Spring Tickle Socks

Yes, folks, things may be incredibly busy around here, but I'm still churning out socks left and right! This latest pair were officially designated "Moving Socks" and pressed into service as a tool to limit stress during the transition from one apartment to another.  They have done their job, and although I am now officially without a project on the needles, I am not particularly stressed out.  I am, however, still addicted to sock knitting, and I can't get at my tub-o-sock-yarn quite yet to cast on another project.  Stay tuned for our big reunion sometime on Sunday afternoon, when the back room gets un-crammed!

For now, please enjoy several photos of the Spring Tickle socks.

Yarn: Dream in Color Squooshy in colorway Spring Tickle

Needles: US 1 (2.25mm) dpns, set of 5

Pattern: basic top-down stockinette sock on 64 sts with a 2x2 ribbed cuff, slip-stitch patterned heel flap, and flat toe.

Verdict: Hooray!


Julie said...

what lovely little green socks!

lauren said...

if your next blog post doesn't feature a series of pictures of you rolling around in your sock yarn that is strewn all over the living room floor I am going to be SORELY disappointed. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hooray for socks indeed!

Also, what Lauren said. Because you KNOW that's what any reasonable knitter would do ;)

Andrea said...

I love the color of these! And the Squooshy really does look really squooshy!

Lina said...

These are lovely! Such a pretty green.

Found your blog from another blog, btw! :)


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