03 September 2011

10 Things, vol 25

10 Things is my weekly list of things that are making me smile right now. Please add your own grin-inducing items and events in the comments! I'd love to hear what's making your life more happy.

Doesn't this just look serene? Calgon, take me away! 
Image source

1. Gus, the most calm, unruffled cat in the history of moving.  Not a single meow on the way over here in his cat carrier, and a really quick adjustment to his temporary crowded space.  It will be great when he can come out into the rest of the apartment

2. Generous friends issuing invitations for dinner, football watching/knitting time, gelato dates, and other chances to get out of the house while it's in mid-move disarray

3. Awesome friends who powered up and down flights of stairs with all my heavy items on Tuesday and Wednesday, staying cheerful the entire time and taking over the logistics when I gave them the reins

4. The extremely calm and helpful friend I called when I got on the wrong freeway Thursday night and very nearly drove myself to St. Louis. Clearly all my friends are completely kick-ass

5. A late night peanut butter and jelly sandwich that just hits the spot

6. The ease of changing your address online - instant gratification

7. This sock

8. Talking to my sisters on the phone and finding out that their lives are currently full of happy adventures

9. Zipcar. Man, that is so convenient

10. The fabulous Weepies, whose Tuesday night concert just made me love them even more

Also? Their stage set was the cutest thing ever - a mini nighttime cityscape, a tree, a crescent moon, a mobile of paper stars, and lighting to mimic the night sky. The whole show made me so happy.


kathy b said...

GO gus. You inspire.

Happy new move to new place! cant wait to see it

lauren said...

Hooray for Gus!! I'm really glad the little dude is so unflappable. He is an inspiration to us all. :)

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