07 September 2010

Weekend cooking adventures

What a relaxing long weekend! I really enjoyed having the chance to sit back, get lots of shop knitting done, and read a new book (Incarceron, by Catherine Fisher). N and I joined her mom, visiting this weekend, in a trip to the Polish festival and some wonderful home cooked meals. I also did some blocking, so look for FO photos soon.

I've decided to try a new kitchen adventure every weekend (does this mean I actually have 5 simple goals?). On Friday afternoon, I whipped up some no-knead bread dough, with just a few ingredients:


Mix, mix, mix, and let it rise for 12-20 hours. I think mine ended up going for about 18.

Please forgive the dark photos - the bread went in the oven at 5am

I rolled the dough over on itself two or three times, which is this recipe's version of kneading, but it is way easier, wrapped it up for another hour and a half, and plopped it in the oven for 50 minutes. I had a bit of trouble with one step - after being wrapped in a heavily-floured cloth, the dough actually tried to stick to the cloth, and I lost a bit of it in the transfer to the pot and oven. I think next time I'll try putting it back in the rising bowl and covering it, instead. Any other suggestions from you bakers out there?

You guys, this bread is delicious! The crust is crispy and thin, the center has lots of great air bubbles, and it's really wonderful with some butter any time of day.

I'm almost out, in fact, and I'll be making another loaf before the end of the week, I'm sure.

I also accomplished the first stage of my Fall cleaning project - sorting through my clothes to separate out all the things I no longer wear so that they can be donated to people who will use them. My dresser is ridiculously empty now, which just means a chance to go shopping next month :) All this domestic activity has been incredibly satisfying! What was your weekend like?

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Julie said...

it looks SO delicious!! congrats on the bread. Isn't baking bread the best?!

{eleise} said...

this looks so yummy!!!

Allison said...

Thanks! It really was such a fun project, and I felt really accomplished at the end :)

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