18 March 2010

Shop update: baby hats

Two new baby hats added in my Etsy shop last night are perfect for spring!

They are shown here in front of my rapidly growing sweet peas (I just planted these things last week, and already they're about 4" tall! Grow little friends!). It's been so nice to have more natural light to take pictures.

My little dinner party last night was a ton of fun, and we rounded out our traditional Irish feast with a great game (where I was firmly trounced by N, who won all the money) and a kooky documentary called Vernon, Florida. It's over on Netflix WatchNow if you're at all inclined to watch 5 elderly gentlemen and one older woman telling random stories about their town, their vacations, and their hobbies. It's quite strange and fascinating.
Today I'm going to be working hard to catch up on homework and put myself in a good position to be finished with papers by the end of spring break. I have a busy weekend with a wonderful friend coming to town for a visit, so I'll try to take lots of pictures to share :)
Giveaway info!
This gorgeous necklace is up for grabs at the Westervin blog (and I yanked the image from their page, so please go check it out) - wouldn't that just be amazing to wear in the summer? I know I've entered, and if you enter (it's super easy), you can get the necklace AND help the lovely couple behind the blog win a contest. Plus if you mention my name, I get extra entries. We all win!

Happy knitting!


Kathy said...


Love your hats. I hear you should plant peas on St. Pats day. I read that on someones blog this week.

Kathy said...

I also love a kooky documentary. I'll put it on my list

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