03 March 2010

Busy Knitting Bee

Buzz buzz!
I wanted to show you two cowls I made last week. I've really been trying to use up the half skeins that are floating around in my yarn closet (why yes, I have a yarn closet!). It's a fun change to make quick projects on large needles, and you knitters know it's completely satisfying to churn out an FO in under a day.
Number 1:

The "midnight surf" cowl stands up on its own. I used a simple pattern of double moss stitch (2 rows of k2, p2 followed by 2 rows of -p2,k2) with two yarns held together and a US 10.5 circular needle.

Number 2:

I made the purple and brown stripes by alternating 2-row sections of stockinette, carrying the non-working yarn up the inside of the work. I knit this one on a US 10.5 needle, as well, which means it's quite drapey and bunches up really well.

------------GIVEAWAY NEWS---------------------
I found a great giveaway over on the Westervin blog that runs through March 14th. They're offering a truly stunning handmade necklace, and it's very easy to enter. Plus you could help them win a wedding contest: everyone wins! If you want to help me get extra entries, just tell them Allison Gray sent you :)

I'm off for a coffee date this morning - hope you have a lovely day!

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Julie said...

both are lovely!

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