24 February 2010

FO: RedPinkYellow Cowl

As promised, I'll show you some FO pictures of the cowl which is now up in my Etsy shop. First, a quick break to see my current on-the-needles project: teeny tiny baby shoes for a friend who is due next month. So wee! So colorful!

And now the less tiny, somewhat less cute cowl. I looooooove the inside of this piece. You can really see the color changes in the yarn in a way you just can't on the outside/front.

In that photo you can also see one of my new favorite sweaters. It's unfortunately not made by me, but it's lovely and warm and it looks like something I could knit if I put my mind to it. I like clothes like that, don't you?

P.S. I passed my big, scary Greek exam - hurrah!

1 comment:

Julie said...

so pretty! I love the flecks of colour against the black. Great job!

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