28 February 2010

Etsy Monday: FantastiCrafts!

***I'm starting up a new feature for my blog! Every week I'll post items from an Etsy shop that has caught my attention, either because the seller makes things I'd love to have or because they have items that would make great gifts. Clicking around to various shops on Etsy is a big source of inspiration for me, and it will be nice to have a collection of posts here to look back on when the crafting bug strikes***

Etsy shop of the week: FantastiCrafts!

I thought it only appropriate for my first feature to be of my best friend's shop :) Nicole has a wide assortment of items that fall under the general category of accessories, but that basic classification doesn't do her work justice! Everything she sells has a ton of personality; for each item I can just imagine someone who would say, "Yeah! That's totally me!" These items are a few of the things I particularly like.
The necklace above is a lovely statement piece, something that would be nice either for a fancy evening out or with a business outfit for a regular workday.
These wine charms are quite distinctive, and I love that the set includes both the typical metal charms and the colorful cameo pieces.

This next one is very similar to a bookmark I actually own (made by Nicole, of course). Her religious themed items can be interpreted as quirky or devotional, depending on your taste!

And these fridge magnets crack me up. She has such a variety of themes to choose from, everything from food to travel destinations. Like I said, every item is chock-full of personality and I think anyone could find something that matches his or her personal aesthetic.

I hope you've enjoyed this mini tour of FantastiCrafts and that you check out the rest of the shop! Happy Monday :)


Julie said...

fantastic stuff! great new feature.

Moonangelnay said...

those glass charms are a great idea!

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