15 September 2009


There's all kinds of knitting going on up in here, but I just can't show you any pictures. Will a list suffice?

Currently on the pins:
Nicole's Christmas socks in the best purple yarn that she picked out for herself (and I guess I wouldn't be showing you a picture of these anyway, since they're a present)

A lime green top-down, knit in the round cardigan for me. It's really lightweight and will be great for fall. It should be coming off the needles fairly shortly!

Fresh off the needles:
A crazy crayon colored slouchy beret in handspun yarn I bought at Renegade from Cosy (it was nice to meet you!). It will be great for winter with my giant white Michelin Man coat.

Sock number one in my newest design. I can't wait to show this one to you!

Older knitting:
A purple hat for myself, a gray tweed Meret for a friend, some baby booties knit at a friend's request, and some new yarn necklaces in sock yarn leftovers.

See? A boatload of projects and just nothing to show for it. What are you working on?

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