29 May 2009

Rainy Monday

Wow! That week sort of got away from me, between school and projects and all sorts of crazy business. There was a faculty-student softball game on Saturday, so I got to sit in the sun and knit and cheer/heckle. Now it's raining out, but I can show you pictures of said knitting. Want to see?

Lace Ribbon from Knitty

Birdwalk socks (my own pattern, which I'll probably put into a pdf if anyone is interested)

We've finally made it to the final week of classes for this school year (at last!), and then I have another week of exams and paper writing before it's officially summer. I can't wait for all that extra knitting time, plus sunny afternoons in the park and lots of bbq. Just two more weeks...

1 comment:

Team Knit ! said...

That lace ribbon scarf is looking great so far- I've always wanted ot knit it but still haven't got around to it. Maybe I'll have ot start one soon!

That sock is looking very pretty, too- nice design- interesting without being too fussy (my pet peeve for socks).

- Julie

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