14 May 2009

Fo: Vipers!

I finally cast off the BSG Viper Pilots socks. Tada!

Again, a few details:
Knit Picks Imagination handpainted in the Looking Glass colorway. I have about 15-20 yards left of each skein.
US1 dpns

You can see my notes over on Ravelry, but just to sum up, I love the finished product but didn't enjoy every minute of knitting these socks. At the beginning I found a few of the chart's cabling symbols puzzling because for me, a very visual person, they seemed unintuitive, so I was checking the chart key every two rows. But once I got into it, the first sock flew off the needles! For some reason I stalled out on the second very near the end. I really don't know why, but I suspect it's connected to the weird couple of weeks I've been having.

The last word? Make them! They are great! Just have a simpler project waiting for you at the end.

1 comment:

Team Knit ! said...

Those vipers look great!! Nice colourway, too. And are those Monkeys I see in the last picture??

- Julie

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