22 February 2009

A pair, of sorts

Completed socks, fresh off the assembly line.
Both are KnitPicks Risata, a stretchy cotton blend that I've decided I really like.

On the left is Fairytale in a pattern I made up on my own and haven't thought of a cool name for.

On the right is Waterslide in the Child's Sock in Miranda Pattern pattern from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks.

I'm determined to make socks from real and pretty patterns because my friends say I always repeat the same plain patterns over and over. It's true. I like to make plain socks and armwarmers over and over. I'm turning over a new leaf in 2009 and branching out.

The second cabled sock is almost done, so I'll have pictures of the pair later this week!

1 comment:

Abigail said...

Ooooh, lovely!

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