05 February 2009

Looking for recommendations

So it's crazy cold here in Chicago this winter, and my skin is suffering. My hands get incredibly dry, so much that they crack and itch, which we all know is no good when you want to get in some quality knitting time. I've been using a heavy-duty cream from Lush, but it doesn't seem to be doing its stuff anymore. Any suggestions for hand-saving lotions that won't rub off or get my gloves all sticky?
Your chilly friend,


[This is an old picture, but I wear this coat every day. Sometimes inside.]

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Carrie Penny said...

During in the day, go for a cream. Don't use a lotion, or a moistureizer. Buy a really good, cheap cream. Cheaper is better for some reason. Next, at night get an old pair of cotton gloves and slather your hands with vasaline and sleep with the gloves on. My husband is dying with laughter every time I do it, but it really does work.

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