01 August 2008

More Flickr Fun: The Fibre Edition

Another "fun with Flickr" activity, this time tailored to knitting! How could I resist?

1. Allison Wonderland, 2. WIP - Chevron Scarf, 3. Espresso Scarf, 4. copper and blue, 5. Bulky Blue Cabled Sweater, 6. Molly exploring the new quilt, 7. Fair-isle cardigan, green and white, 8. bird / leaf stitch marker, 9. Drawstring-Chemise-3, 10. green sea of chairs, 11. Relaxing at the front of the sail boat, Eolie, Italy, 12. b2373_1_2: Saturated Array

1. first name: Allison
2. favorite yarn: self-striping sock yarn
3. first thing you made with yarn: garter stitch scarf
4. favorite color: periwinkle blue
5. which designer do you currently have a crush on: stephanie japel of glampyre (she has a new book coming out soon, too!)
6. your favorite handmade gift you received: a quilt in pastels and white (mine doesn't look like the one in the picture, but I love them both!)
7. your dream project: fair isle cardigan
8. your favorite notion: beaded stitch markers
9. what will you make next: the drawstring chemise from IK Spring
10. what do love most about yarn: texture
11. which one word describes your craft: relaxing
12. what is your main inspiration: saturated color

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