26 August 2008

Island Getaway, part 1

In lieu of knitting, which just isn't happening this week as I pack up to move into my new apartment (so exciting! I'll be sure to post pictures once I'm settled in over there.), I thought I could share a few photos and notes from my tropical vacation.

Our first shore excursion was in Nassau, Bahamas. After a fairly short walk, we found a free public beach with just enough sand to lay out our blankets and towels. The water was unbelievably warm and calm, so swimming out to the buoy was no problem. This lighthouse was part of our view while sunning.

We decided to skip a costly trip to the Atlantis resort, where many cruisers go to pet and swim with dolphins. As one of my roommates said, "They just feel like wet hot dogs", so I guess I wasn't missing much :) I took a picture anyway.
After our relaxing morning in the sun, we decided to do a bit of shopping (more like browsing, really) over at the straw market. It was really neat seeing all the different architecture in the small part of the city we walked through; I was especially struck by the candy-colored buildings everywhere, which really added to the tropical feel.

That's it for the Bahamas - next time, St. Thomas!

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