21 April 2008

Mystery Knits

Okay, one mystery knit. It's a semi-secret present for someone who reads here, so I can only give a sneak peek.

I've also been working on a baby sweater for friends who are expecting. I ran out of yarn! Sleeves will have to wait until after I make a trip to Michaels for more dishcloth cotton. I think it's cute so far, though.

It was a really productive and relaxing weekend around here. I got tons of work done, including editing on a paper that I've been sitting on for three months without making much progress. I plan to turn it in before the end of this week, and take extra knitting time as a reward. I've also been really good about going to the gym for the last two weeks (hurrah!). My best friend and I are going on a cruise at the end of the summer, so I want to look good for all that lazy lounging around in the sun.
Here's to another full week...

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