13 April 2013


Meet my teeny tiny beekeeper's quilt in progress. Those are 34 hexapuffs, and I think I'm supposed to have about 10 times as many in order to get a full-sized blanket. With this enormous project, my philosophy has been "slow and steady wins the race." Or, in more concrete terms, "watch a lot of tv and make sure you keep the bag of polyfil next to the couch." I started out knitting just a few puffs in each color and changing it up so I wouldn't get bored, but I've been on a roll with the skein of white lately, and since I have lots of white and two shades of gray to serve as the majority/background of the blanket, I think I'll try to get through my neutrals first and then knit some more pops of color.

This project is frustrating and satisfying in the same way as academic work, I think. Each piece (article or book read, short analysis written, chapter mapped out) is small and it doesn't seem to make a dent in the overall task.  But taking a minute to lay everything out together and see how far I've come is actually pretty great, and the prospect of arranging everything in the final form is exciting (daunting, but exciting).

Back to the knitting: my current favorite color combination is periwinkle, purple, and the gold shade against a white background. I'm also pretty excited about pairing pink and green with some gray.

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