24 March 2013

Spring Goals

It's officially spring, you guys! It is about 30 degrees out and SNOWING (WHAT?!), but it is spring nevertheless, and I am in the mood to set some new goals and enjoy this season.

So I've got three goals for the next couple of months. I think they're challenging but reasonable:

1. Train for my first triathlon! 
At the end of March, as soon as registration opens, I'll be signing up for my very first triathlon. It's a sprint-distance tri, so nothing to extreme, but I'm really excited about mixing more swimming and finally some biking into my workout circuit every week. As soon as I'm done with my current running training plan (a 5k to 8k plan that is really awesome, let me tell you) and I run my next 8k (April 7th!), it's time for triathlon training. Yessssss.

2. Significantly cut back on processed foods! 
With the exception of certain dairy products (because I am not giving up cheese, you must be CRAZY), I am going to make a concerted effort to eat whole foods instead of processed foods. I've got a CSA membership that, lucky for me, has continued to run through the colder months, so I'm already on track with fresh veggies. The main thing that leads me to eat processed foods and pre-made snacks is absolutely the convenience factor, but feeling healthy is definitely worth a bit of extra effort for meal planning and making sure I have healthy snacks in the house at all times. We'll see how this goes for a few months and what it does to my budget.

3. Up the craftiness around this joint!
More specifically, spin up my fiber stash and work on the colorwork design that I've been tossing around in my head lately. And by lately, I mean "for the past year at least." I've just finished up the world's most boring project/greatest labor of knitting love, so I'll have pictures of that as soon as there's enough sun for a decent photo shoot, but I still have nothing really exciting on the needles, and that needs to change. 

Any goals you're working on right now? Anything you're looking forward to accomplishing this season? I'd love to hear what's up in the comments.

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