03 February 2013

And then, I became a bad-ass

Ms. J and I ran a 5k on Sunday morning...

Photo from J's instagram
along the lakefront, in 14 degree weather, while it was snowing.  I am claiming official bad-ass status for myself now. J's husband, also pictured above, ran the 10k, which means he's basically twice as awesome.

To top it all off, I got a PR time, beating my previous best time by about half a minute. Hey, when it's really freaking cold, you move faster!  Apart from undertaking this feat of insanity/athletic excellence, I've spent my entire weekend knitting, spinning, and frantically watching episodes of the West Wing before I have to return to a regular weekday schedule of doing massive amounts of academic work.

I think I've finished enough knitting to put together a few posts this week - keep your peelies peeled!

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