21 January 2013

In Progress: Cable Cowl

I'm working on writing up a pattern for this cowl, because I think it's something other people might like to knit and wear! The shape itself is relatively simple (large rectangle), and the knitting is straightforward if you don't mind cables.  There will only be one seam to deal with in order to join the fabric into a circular cowl.

The three columns of cabled fabric make for a rich all-over texture with a hint of diagonal motion, and the variegated yarn adds some vertical interest to the largely horizontal orientation of the design. I think it will also look lovely in a solid color, maybe cream or gray to coordinate with winter coats.  This yarn is a fairly heavy worsted weight single, which means this version of the cowl will stand up inside a coat collar, but the pattern would also work for something lighter, maybe a luxury blend like angora or cashmere that would drape more softly.  The length and width could also be easily adjusted to allow for more wraps around the neck or a taller cowl.

It has been a great project for tv knitting, since it requires some concentration, but not a whole lot.  After just a few repeats, it starts to become pretty obvious when it's time for another cable crossing, and the cable rows line up across all three columns.

I'd love to have a test knitter try this out, but I'm also willing to make another version for myself to check and edit the written pattern.  Look for an FO post sometime in the next few weeks. What are you working on right now?


lauren said...

Oh I'll test if you want!!

TracyK said...

Me too! The FO looks great and I definitely want to make it - sooner or later.

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