20 October 2012

FO: tiny blue beehive

Latest in the lineup of quick knits is this tiny blue beehive hat, for friends' soon-to-arrive baby.

Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Fjord Heather, less than 1 skein
Needles: US 7 circular and dpns for crown

Pattern: improvised, but pretty basic. CO 48 sts and alternate between 3 rows of stockinette and 4 rows of reverse stockinette, doing 4 sets of crown decreases (for a square shaped top) in stockinette rows only.
Verdict: Fast, easy, cute. Tada!

I immediately cast on for a baby sweater, too, so photos will be coming shortly...


Anonymous said...

This is adorable! I'm so in awe of people who can cast on, kind of wing it, and end with a gorgeous FO. And that is such a beautiful blue!
xo Julie
♥Julie Rose Sews♥

Anonymous said...

This is really sweet! All my friends are having babies at the moment and it really inspires me to want to learn to knit, you have a real talent.
Nikki Joy x

Allison said...

Thank you, ladies! I have to admit that knitting baby items is pretty much purely rewarding, since the knitting time is minimal and the finished items are so freaking adorable :) What more incentive could you need?

kathy b said...

Okay Im making one!!!!! it's addorable....and it BEE
s cute too

kathy b said...

one more thing Allison:
When do you start the decreases?

Allison said...

Kathy, I think I started decreasing after the fifth set of purl/reverse stockinette ridges. I did 2 stockinette blocks with decreases on rows 1 and 3, and then I decreased on every stockinette row on the last two stockinette sections. I ended with 8 sts and passed the yarn end through them all. Hope that works out!

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