28 October 2012

Button, button, who's got the button?

This little tiny bit of cuteness is Nikol Lohr's Pebble Vest (direct link to free pattern here, in case you just cannot resist). It is appropriately winter-ready for this baby who is due in late December. It used way less yarn than I anticipated, because it is so very small, maybe about 8 inches tall from neck to hem. CUTE!!!

The sturdy yet cuddly garter stitch texture just slays me. It really is, as Nikol says, a manly-looking little vest, so I think it's totally perfect for a newborn baby girl who has to brave a Chicago winter. The yarn color is Hollyberry, in Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, which will hopefully be easy enough for the parents (non-knitters) to care for. I will probably include some wool wash with the little pile of woolens to help them out with baby sweater care. 

Now the Pebble, like all my other unfinished knits, is awaiting button selection and application.  Well, that's not entirely true. My unfinished stashbusting stripey socks are waiting for me to weave in the 8 bazillion ends that happened when I changed yarn 400 times.  Those might just not be finished for a while.  Hunting through button bins sounds like a much more pleasant prospect, so this sweater vest, the recently bound-off Cascade sweater, and my very own Sparkle Bee cardigan (in the works for about 2 years now) ought to be getting the finishing touches very soon.

Meanwhile, until I can show you an actual finished object instead of these 95% done works in progress, please enjoy some lovely fall foliage from the Hyde Park lakefront trail.

Can you believe October is nearly over? I think the combination of teaching two semester-long courses (we just hit midterms) and a quarter-length course (woohoo! Just warming up! ???) is wiping me out and doing strange things to my sense of time.  Combine all that discombobulation with an ongoing building plumbing project that has had me kicked out of my office for over a month, plus a building-wide bug infestation that seems to be continuing apace despite the efforts of exterminators, and I'm a bit of a mess.  Thank goodness for the beautiful leaves and the tiny knitting.


Julie said...

It's adorable!! Gotta love the superquik newborn knits. And buttons are always the toughest part!

kathy b said...


BEAUTIFUL baby girl gift. LOve the garter and the color you chose. It will look soooo cute with a little white shirt underneath it. Just wonderful

Im loving our Chicago fall!

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