22 July 2012

Socks, again

This seems like an excellent way to say HELLO! again after such a long and much-needed break. As always, even in the midst of exams (passed!) and books (excellent!) and weather (super hot and muggy oh my goodness!) and vacation (thoroughly enjoyed!) and people (so so so wonderful!), you can count on the fact that I have been knitting socks. These were completed back in May, and there has not been much knitting since then, but socks are probably going to get me going again. On Thursday and Friday I finally started feeling my knitting urge come back in full force, which means an expedition for more sock yarn is not far off. In fact, it might be as close as the yarn scrap bin in my office/studio, because stripey mismatched socks are sounding pretty good right about now.

Until then, two recently completed pairs, both in Socks that Rock acquired from the lovely Phoe.

Summer Lovin' Socks

River Rapids Socks

I'll be back here again very soon, I promise. Thanks for stopping by.


lauren said...


kathy b said...

I missed you!!!!

Love the river rapids purple color....lovely lace work...it still perplexes me...someday lace!

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