11 April 2012


Things are really busy right now!  This week is turning out to be like a list of daily tasks

*coffee, coffee, coffee
*reading the heck out of a lot of books
*a little bit of knitting start-itis, to be shared soon
(and by "a little bit" I mean I've started two new projects in the last 24 hours)
*lunch with friends
*walking a whole lot
*cooking quick meals
*cleaning things

What's new with you?


lauren said...

I can't wait to see your new projects!!

Allison said...

All I have to say about one is, 'Brioche stitch is really frigging weird!'

kathy b said...

no amount of coffee is helping me lately, IM exhausted today..I think from all the goings on here.

Im trying to start hoola hooping workouts, but I can only hoop for a minute so that can't be my fatigue factor


Running back and forth to my mom's house

Running family interference.e

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