20 January 2012

Friday: Link Love!

Hooray for another Friday and another busy but wonderful week. This week's link is for a site I've been enjoying for its daily dose of knits that make you drool, together with links to projects and patterns.  It's like Ravelry light, for when you can't handle the overload of 85 million recently completed items made by all your talented friends. Below you'll find a smattering of my recent faves (apparently I am in a red cables kind of mood lately).

link to pattern
link to free pattern
link to pattern
Any links you found this week that you'd like to share in the comments? Send us to those inspiring blogs!

1 comment:

kathy b said...

Happy Snow Allison

I LOVE your links. Im off to check them all out.

I get to stay in and knit today....and have the bread machine make me some bread, and the crockpot make some great beef. I guess Im food obsessed in January!!

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