09 January 2012

Etsy Monday: Fit

Last week was both the first week of a new year AND the first week of a new quarter, which meant that I was determined to figure out how to fit regular workouts into my class/study/work schedule.  It also meant I was not very good at actualy fitting everything in, because I just wasn't sure yet what the structure of my week would feel like, and I underestimated just how tired I would be when it finally got to be late afternoon library-ditching time.  Week two promises to be much more organized, and keeping daily workouts and healthy eating as number 2 on my list of priorities seems totally do-able (work is number 1).

If you click on that "Fitness" tab under the blog header, you can see what I'm up to in the gym every week and what I'm planning in terms of big and small rewards for reaching various fitness goals.  Setting small, trackable goals (weight loss in 5lb increments, for example) and keeping a calendar where I write "Run" or "Yoga" in big letters after I finish a workout helped me stay on track through most of last year, so I'll continue using those strategies to stay motivated.  These great fitness-related Etsy finds are inspiring, too, as small rewards for consistency and as reminders to stick with my workout plans.

Speaking of calendars for writing down workouts, this desk calendar is super cute and colorful.
Page by Paige shop

This classy yoga bag looks like it would have room for all the essentials.
LslieArt shop

Working out plus NT passages. Pretty much I ought to own this shirt.
Firedaughter Clothing shop

For those mornings I don't want to get out of bed and walk to the gym, maybe this print should be hanging on the wall above my gym stuff:
The Love Shop

Do you have any fitness goals, or have you figured out a workout schedule that fits into your regular routine?  What helps keep you motivated?

P.S. Tomorrow I promise to share some knitting; I have a few FOs to share, plus the continuing story of the Castle pullover and its visit to the frog pond...


kathy b said...

I just trying to drink more water...
lame I know, but It is a start....more water
less Coke

Allison said...

Hooray for water! I am also a fan of those LaCroix sparkling waters (in case you still want the fizzy part).

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