04 December 2011

It's so funny to me that when I'm not actively working on a colorwork knitting project I can somehow convince myself that stranded knitting is difficult or time consuming, but then the instant I cast on for the Chrysanthemums I experienced a little surge of "hooray, colorwork!" type joy. I knit the picot cuff yesterday, and this morning I finally tucked into the 2-color part.
Here is my progress so far.

In other news, I had an epic adventure yesterday when picking up a Christmas tree. I went to two different lots in the hopes of finding a small (say 3 foot tall) tree, and instead I ended up carrying this monster of a pine 7 blocks in one hand. And yes, it is nearly as tall as I am.

This is proof that I am strong and ridiculous, no? I kept giggling the whole time I was walking home, because the phrase, "I LOVE CHRISTMAS" kept repeating over and over in my head in an extremely angry and determined voice. Too funny! 

While the tree now has lights, there is a decided shortage of Christmas tree ornaments and tree skirts in my house, because this is the first real tree I've ever purchased for myself.  As soon as that's remedied, I'll be sure to post some photos of the finished product all lit up and pretty.
Hope you're having an enjoyable weekend filled with crafting and adventures, too!


Andrea said...

I just faved the Crysanthemum mittens this week because I'm hoping to make myself something I can use this winter. I love the colors you've chosen! And I've had that same "I love Christmas!" thought before. Last year, we bought a tree at a lumber store and had to haul it home in the trunk of my husband's Honda Accord coupe. It was 6 feet tall (I had intended to get a smaller one, too) and we had to lay the back seats down. Even with that, we still couldn't make the trunk close. I sat in the back next to the tree laughing all the way home.

lauren said...

First of all, I LOVE the colorwork. Love!!

Second, so many things about that picture of you with the tree make me laugh - the fact that the tree is almost as tall as you are, the image of you hauling that thing down the sidewalk, and most of all Gus in the foreground... Also MY GOD WOMAN you can ask for help with these things!! Ha. Next time you need help hauling a tree around for the love of God ask me for ride!!

juicyknits said...

Those mittens are turning out beautiful. Is this Cascade you're using for them?

Anonymous said...

wow, those yarns are gorgeous, and the mittens are so pretty! great color choice!! can't wait to see the finished product, I am envious though because it doesn't get cold enough for mittens in LA, just cold enough for fingerless.. I got a charlie brown tree this year!

kathy b said...


THose colors POP and I am going to copy them......so beautiful......wowza
love your big ole TREE!

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