13 November 2011

Inspired Etsy Monday: winter wishlist

This week's Etsy finds could be called part 1 of my (probably endless) winter wishlist.  I'm looking forward to a season full of fun parties, snowy outings to see city lights and trees, holiday crafting and cooking, and all those cozy evenings cuddled up with knitting, hot chocolate, and a movie.  Plus my birthday is in December, so I get to plan a super fun cocktail/cupcake party!  But first things first: settling into a new kind of weather and daily schedule.  

At home
*** Crochet slippers in the perfect cold winter colors

WhiteNoiseMaker shop

*** Miniature houses for winter decorating

The haunted hollow tree shop

*** Ceramic coffee mug to enjoy hot chocolate, tea, and coffee

Green ceramic arts shop

Or out and about
*** Shirred pencil dress for holiday parties
Lirola shop

*** Gold barn owl earrings for dressing up a simple sweater and jeans

Seed and Sky shop

What's on your wishlist for a cozy, stylish winter season?


Lina said...

Love love love those miniature houses!!! So cute.


Sarah Von said...

Ahhh! Those tiny houses are too.cute.

{OLIVIA} said...

I love that mug!

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