31 October 2011

[What to wear?] Halloween teaching

Happy Halloween!

I'm teaching a few small groups this afternoon, so I can't go too wild, but I definitely want to celebrate the Halloween spirit with my outfit. And with candy. I am bringing my students candy, in part because I would like to eat a whole bunch of sugar today. 
This is my best stab at a last minute "costume" that will work for the classroom and transition nicely for an evening of walking around the neighborhood checking out decorations and cute trick-or-treating children. P.S., last night the cutest baby in the world came to church wearing a peapod costume. It was so sweet!!!

Step 1:

Shirt: gift from N, who understands my love of creepy-cute // Cardigan: Target
// Slacks: Express, from a closet swap 

Step 2:

Terrifying mask: Halloween store, purchased in 2010

I haven't actually decided whether or not I'll wear the mask as students arrive this afternoon...

What's your costume this year? Do you have any fun plans for the evening?


lauren said...


kathy b said...

LOve the mask and the more subdued look without it too. We will walk the neighborhood and enjoy the kids running around and the crazy yard decor too. I may wear my pillbox spider hat...we'll see

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